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Please suggest a workaround for separating albums with same title and same artist


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The easiest way is to edit the Title tags so one shows as "Pages (1978)" and the other as "Pages (1981)". Then you can tell them apart everywhere.

If you really want them to look identical, you cheat a bit and use a very subtly different Unicode character (see https://www.compart.com/en/unicode/category/Ll ) for one of the letters in one of the titles, but that could impact on search & sorting accuracy as technically they would be different words. e.g. "Pages" vs "Pageѕ" , where the final letter "s" in the second one is actually Unicode U+0455 rather than a real lowercase "s". Sneaky, eh? [Edit: The forum software converted my pasted code into a regular ASCII "s", but it ought to work in PA]


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