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PA hogging bluetooth controls


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Hey everybody!

I am using paid Poweramp on Android 10 exclusively for listening podcasts, because I can set a precise playback speed depending on the speaker. In addition, I am also using Tidal and JetAudio for listening music. But no other app behaves like Poweramp.

When I enter any other music player and start playing, my bluetooth headphone controls for play/pause are tied to that app, and when I start and stop, it affects just that app. When I leave that app and enter another one, bluetooth controls now work with the new app I started playing something on. But when I have Poweramp installed, it hogs the controls.

Even if I have exited PA, pressed the x button and removed it from recently opened app list. When I start playing music on other players, and use the bluetooth to pause/play, when I want to resume playing what I have been listening to, here comes PA back to play some podcast. It is frustrating to a point that I just turned off "respond to buttons", so now I cannot pause and resume a podcast I am listening to without picking up my phone.

Why is it behaving like this if no other app does it. Please fix this. 


Thank you


Poweramp build-905-arm64-play

my phone Oneplus 6T A6013
Android 10
Oxygen OS 10.3.11.


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