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Weird Shuffle Change


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I've used Poweramp for years but the last couple of days there's been a strange change that I cannot figure out. I have multiple Playlist and I usual navigate to 1 and then hit shuffle. It would just shuffle that Playlist (that is "shuffle just songs"). 

Now, the default is shuffling both songs and categories. I've scoured all the options and search this forum (it's possible this similar to the Android Auto bug but this is happening on my phone and I don't use Android Auto). 

Any ideas? 

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As far as I recall, the Shuffle icon at the top of any Category's song-list view (including the one shown at the top of every Playlist) has always triggered 'Shuffle Songs and Categories' mode.

Selecting this mode means that all of the songs in the currently viewed Playlist will be played in random order, exactly as expected. The 'Categories' bit only comes into play to determine what happens next - assuming you have 'Advance Categories' set as your Repeat mode anyway. In 'Shuffle Songs and Categories', another playlist will be chosen at random and then all of its songs will be played in random order, then another random playlist will be played shuffled, and so on. In simple 'Shuffle Songs' mode, any subsequent playlists would get chosen in their normal display order - most likely alphabetically unless you have chosen to sort them by date or number of songs - and then their contents would be played shuffled. So the only difference is what happens after the current list is finished.

The recent Android Auto issue is not related as far as I can see, if it was that problem then a completely different Playlist to the one you are viewing would be chosen.


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