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My Recent Problems With Poweramp


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First off, I've owned Poweramp for, um, so long I dont even know.....Its honestly the only music playing app I have ever needed, seriously, much respect......Recently I've been having a few problems and I'm hoping somebody can help me out.....First off, I used to have several skins, for a lil bit now I havent been able to use any of them.....With the previous version of Poweramp, I think it was V3, I was able to search Google Play and find all kinds of skins, since the new version its been pretty horrible....Second, For some reason in my music library,  "Poweramp - All Songs", Many of my songs began to duplicating themselves, but this was only in Poweramp because I started trying to delete the duplicates and only found myself deleting only ONE music file with 2 entries for some reason, before I knew it I was 50 songs down, I guess I should have done one to test it first eh, but does anybody know why this happened???? I couldn't figure out a solution so like a fkn idiot I cleared data and cache and was left with NONE of my Album Art, NONE Of The Equalizer settings, pretty much NOTHING......I'm just starting back over selecting my album art and TRYING to get my Poweramp to sound like it did before......This was a huge huge huge set back for me.....If anybody knows why this happened, I'd appreciate the knowledge so it doesn't happen again.....Like I said at the beginning, I'm a loooooong time Poweramp fan, so just imagine all of the time I have spent making that app MINE!!!! Damn.....I think there's a couple more questions I had, I just can't think of them right now......Thanks guys.

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Breaking that stream of consciousness :) down into manageable topics...

1) Skins are developed by third-party authors. Over the years quite a lot were written for Poweramp v2 (the last version of which was April 2016). However when PA v3 (the current version) was formally released, the new 'Material Design' style interface had been completely re-written from the ground up, so skin developers would have also needed to start again from scratch and most have not bothered. There are some skins around for v3 (see the Skins subforum here), but not as many as there used to be for v2. Maybe the old developers found the new layout more complex to design for? You'd have to take that up with them anyway.

2) Has your device recently been updated to Android 10 or 11, you don't mention the spec at all? Prior to that, Poweramp used to cache things like album art in a local folder called Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ . For installs from 10/11 onwards, changes made by Google to file access means PA has to use Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ (note the lack of underscore). If your data was stored in the old location and an update was forced, you may need to copy the contents over from the old location to the new one.

3) Clearing app data is effectively the same as completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Doing so will remove the entire database that PA uses to remember settings, the song library, ratings, etc. It will also (on Android 10/11) use the newer storage folder mentioned above, so you won't see anything that was saved in the old location. It is basically a "start from scratch" situation, unless you had previously exported your settings to a backup file.

4) Having started from scratch your music should no longer show duplicates, but if it does, go into PA Settings > Library > Music Folders and tick only the folders that contain your required audio files. You may need to grant access for things like SD Card again, as the clean start will have reset all permissions too. PA Settings > Library > FULL Rescan will do a clean update of the library. 


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