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Nodded off, and clicked something inadvertently!

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I'm probably not the only person who nods off with his mobile phone in his hand, and then finds, on awaking, that he's inadvertently press one of two buttons, which have annoyingly changed a setting in an app.

This has happened to me with Poweramp.

I have attached a screenshot of the unwanted change.

Before, as the music played through, I could see its progresh shown as a straight line, with larger blocks showing louder dynamis - looking something like a cog system for a mountain railway!

That has now changed into a much larger representation of the same thing, but which tends to obscure the transport buttons, and I find unappealing to look at.

Could anyone just tell (hopefully!) what setting to click, so I can return to 'normal'?

Many thanks, in anticipation!Screenshot_2021-06-08_085903.thumb.jpg.2ba7f4fde7f4c6a6a2b8c05042ed8f69.jpgScreenshot_2021-06-08_085903.thumb.jpg.2ba7f4fde7f4c6a6a2b8c05042ed8f69.jpg

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Many thanks, Andrew,

So easy when you know how. During my nap I must have pressed a couple of strategic buttons to get as far as altering that setting!

All best wishes, and many thanks for such a prompt response, as ever,


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