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How to reset track counter when swiping tracks?


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Hi, I am having trouble adjusting my settings on how to reset track when I go back or skip to the last track I played. It always played on the counter where I skipped. I already enable the Button Reset Counter and it works when I press the reset button but I am swiping the album art directly to skip the tracks but when I go back (swiping left), it will play on the counter where I left.  Any help? Thank you so much. 

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Sounds like you have enabled Per-Track Progress memory. This can be set/unset in two ways:

Global setting in Settings > Library. This is duration based, so you can choose (for example) for it to only operate on tracks longer than 30 minutes. Or just turn it off completely.

It can also be enabled locally for individual Folders or Playlists. In the folder/playlist in question, tap menu > List Options and untick the Per-Track Progress mode.


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