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Noob here needing some help.


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Hello everyone, this is my first post here on the forum.
I have been using Poweramp for maybe a year now on my car device, an Extrons px5 that had android 8, I always had problems with the TomTom app because I couldn't make it sound louder while using Poweramp with music.

Recently I updated to android 10 with a changed rom by someone very well known in the Xda Developers community, I managed to have Poweramp working at the same time as TomTom, when the instructions come up Poweramp lowers the volume and I have a louder sound in Tomtom.

It turns out that for some reason I started to have consecutive reboots something is wrong with the rom and i gave up on it, I ended up installing a rom Htc 7 Android 10 much more stable but I again have the same problem as the Rom Android 8, I can not put the TomTom instructions with a louder sound, if I have to move the volume up and when the music comes back on Poweramp is literally screaming.

I've been messing with some settings but eventually gave up and even get lost in the middle of so much confusion.

One thing I noticed is that if I change the Equalizer of the device with Poweramp playing music, changing for example between Rock and Jaz or Voice I hear these changes in the music, is that normal , Poweramp has independent Equalizer it should prevent that no??

I leave some pics of the Audio info that must be a mess, may be that someone finds there what is happening.

Sorry for the long and confusing text, I'm trying to explain myself the best I can since English is not my first language. 

Thanks in advance, stay safe.






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Doesn't the TomTom app have its own volume control, independent of the system volume level? I know Google Maps navigation does, which is what I use for sat nav duties.

You could simply turn PA's pre-amp gain down a bit (in the EQ controls) allowing you to boost the overall system volume without PA sounding too loud by comparison to the TomTom app. If that's not enough, there is further attenuation available in the PA Settings > Audio > ReplayGain page.

As you seem to have DVC turned off, system sound modification is more likely to be available too. With DVC on, the audio path is more direct and bypasses some system controls (you can also try turning MusicFX off, as that also tries to use system audio mods). Might even be worth trying different output methods in PA Settings > Audio > Outputs in case one of the others works better for you.


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Thanks for your time.

I have the pre amp gain ALL the way down  on PW, TomTom app since the last upgrade no longer have the volume control.

Im going to tryout the setting you mentioned and i post back the results.

Thank you one more time for the help.

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