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Incorporate a hearing test! (ala Samsung/Android "Adapt Sound")

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I know I'm dreaming but that would be amazing! That way I would not have to have two EQs at once (PA and Adapt Sound) and PA would be more accurate 

Here's what adapt sound is if you've never used it ( https://www.nojitter.com/enterprise-insider/adapting-smartphone-sound-just-you )

Try it if you haven't (it's kind of scary seeing how much my hearing has changed over these many years...). 


Would also like an auto-EQ feature for calibrating the car stereo (sends white noise to speakers, picks up through mic, and adjusts EQ automatically). 

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It would be soooo nice.

Poweramp is great, upgrading functionality over years. Android/Samsung was so late behind, until now that I finally discovered this functionality...

I have a Samsung device, and Adapt Sound is AMAZING for any music lover that haven't a perfect hearing (that certainly includes most people over 30). It really makes a lot of difference since it will adapt the different sound frequencies on each ear. I prefer Poweramp EQ quality to android/Samsung one, a lot, but Adapt Sound makes me think which one to choose now.


Please, Poweramp team, implement this functionality. We all, I think, would be so thankful for that.


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