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Constant Rescan of Album Art

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Why is it that I have the App scan in the Album Art, allow it to go through all of the Artists and Albums to retrieve this album art, and when I close and reopen the App, all the Album Art it gine, and it has to rescan it all again. The Album Art never seems to stay on the device. I have a Samsung Galaxy S21+. The Album Art appeared to stay on my previous device which was a Galaxy S10.

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On an Android 11 device, auto-downloaded cover art (for song files which do not already contain their own embedded images) is saved locally in /Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/album_art/ . Any manually selected artwork is stored in selected_aa in the same location. The filenames should be in the format "Artist - Title" (or "Artist - Album") with any special characters replaced with underscores. Could you check to see if this is happening?

If those files are present, whenever you open a library location in PA which references those songs, those images should be used. You can check this by replacing any image file in that subfolder with something from your gallery to see if that changes what PA displays in the list. (You may need to fully close PA and re-open it to force a reload of the images as a limited amount of images are cached during a session)


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