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Using Poweramp player and Equalizer apps at same time

Luis Teran

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Hi, I got a question about equalizer and music player, i have Poweramp music player already installed in my phone and i would like to install Equalizer to use it with other apps like Youtube, but i want to know if is it possible to keep both apps and use them whitout any conflicts (talking about audio quality, audio processing of both apps stacking between them, etc), or should i uninstall Poweramp music player to keep Poweramp equalizer?


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It's possible, but not really desirable.

The stand-alone EQ app is designed to provide the same features that are already in Poweramp, but for other audio applications. Running two EQs at the same time is definitely not a good idea, and if both try to use DVC it won't work. So if you do really want to use the separate EQ app instead of the internal controls, please turn off all EQ and DVC features in the main Poweramp app. 


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