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Sorting Options for Folders Hierarchy


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The sorting options for Folders Hierarchy seem to be incorrect?  If one selects the menu | List Options, the dialog for List Options: Folder Songs comes up.  None of the options selected on there will affect the sorting of the folders in the hierarchy (I would like to sort on date added/modified).  This is also true once you get into the hierarchy - the List Options are always for Folder Songs instead of Folders

Folders_Hierarchy_0.png        Folders_Hierarchy_1.png


This works in the regular Folders display.  Selecting the menu | List Options there allows you to select the sort order for Folders.

Otherwise, this is a _great_ music player!


Poweramp build number:  build-905-arm64-play - Full Version - 64-bit

Device:  Samsung Galaxy S10

Android Version:  11


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Remember that any drill-down depth within 'Folders Hierarchy' can contain both files and folders - rather like a regular File Explorer app. There is no concept of any layer having of only other subfolders until you get to some arbitrary 'files-only' layer at the bottom. So sorting options must reflect that, and treat every layer as though it contains files - and possibly further subfolders too.

Folders are not 'stored' as entities in their own right in PA, with their own properties. They are merely named identifiers created as a result of the path that is used in the database to find the music files on your storage. This is why empty folders are not displayed - as they don't generate any song entries in the database, they don't exist as far as PA is concerned. Thus the nearest thing a 'folder' has to a creation or modification date would be derived from the song files it contains - and Max could tell us how that logic is applied - but the sorting process is more aimed at files than 'folders'.


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