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Absolute Volume vs DVC


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Sorry if this might be a topic which is repeated , i saw articles on this but was unsure about how much benefit there is to have DVC on with two seperate volume points 


My BT earphones are the Sennheiser CX 6.00's and a Oneplus 7 on Android 11 

I do use the equalizer and have settings boosted very moderately with my highest being a 4 dB increase on the 31 sub bass frequency.


I wanted to know if im missing substantial gain by keeping dvc off for Absolute Volume , or there might not be much of a difference with DVC being on and avoid the hassle of 2 volume points 

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11 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

Unless there is some specific reason why not, I would turn DVC on. For Bluetooth output, that may mean disabling the Absolute Volume mode in Android Developer Options (you need to tick 'Disable Absolute Volume').


Thanks, the specific reason was just about avoiding 2 seperate volume points, no problem i fiddled around and DVC does offer slightly better sound quality so ill be sticking to it😄

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