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64 or 128 bands equalizer needed here

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Hello, i bought expensive headphones and they sound really harsh around 7,5 Khz when I play them really loud. Poweramp is the only 32 band eq that for some reason doesn't alter the sound quality for me, but it just takes a huge chunk of a sound when I lower the band by 11 DB. I believe many people woukd like to fine tune their headphones, but 32 bands is just not good enough. Please please please, how difficult would it be for you to add this, so we can correct these sound defects with great precision?

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I guess that would be something for a parametric EQ with variable Q, which Max has already said is in the pipeline. Then you could very precisely kill 7.5kHz without affecting the rest of the range unduly.

Please bear in mind that most apps only offer 5 bands, and even Poweramp only recently moved from 10 bands to an optional 32.


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