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Disable automatic folder cover art


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Was wondering if a way to disable the automatic cover art scanning in a folder could be added. I keep a lot of my music in my downloads folder and a lot of them don't have cover art so they end up just being a random image from my downloads folder. Thanks :)

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In PA Settings > Album Art, you can disable online searching for cover art, or disable cover art completely (library-wide), but you can't disable it for one folder only. Folders don't have an overall 'in app' Image selection feature like Albums or Artists do. 

Adding a folder.jpg file to the folder would help if you can control the contents of the folder (may then need to do a Full Rescan in PA Settings > Library) but if you have a folder which contains transient contents then the results could be unpredictable as file contents change - e.g. other .jpg files, or contained songs with their own embedded artwork. It think the existence of a specific folder.jpg file is meant to take priority over other found images though.

The rules for how artwork is chosen are given in 



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