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playlists problem


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Ah, I see what you mean now.

You can do that in the Folders Heirarchy category (i.e. shuffle all contents of all subfolders completely randomly) using an option in Settings > Library > Lists.

However shuffle mode in Playlists works by picking one playlist at random and shuffling all of its songs, then it moves on to another random playlist and plays that shuffled, etc.

You could add all the playlist songs into one 'uber playlist' (select all Playlists and '+Playlist' to make a new one) and then shuffle that.


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1 hour ago, hamikeles61 said:

list> hierarchy options failed :(

Again, I'm not sure what you are asking. Perhaps there is a translation issue here?

Folders Hierarchy is one of the other category choices in the Library view, nothing to do with Playlists. It does allow for complete randomising of all of the contents of multiple subfolders.

However the Playlists category does NOT allow complete randomising of all of the contents of multiple playlists, they will each be played one at a time in random order.


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