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Playlist won't update when I sync Android 11


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My playlist won't update when I sync. All my new music sync's but not my playlist. This started happening after my Android 11 update. In order to update my playlist now I have to delete the m3u playlist file on my phone before I sync my playlist. Can anyone help me with this? 

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What do you mean by "sync your playlist"? PA does not have a function to do this.

A playlist (M3U file) is simply a text-file that is stored somewhere on your storage that PA is allowed to scan. It contains simple pointers to each music file in turn, which must all exist in the main music Library. If any folders or filenames have changed from the names in the playlist file, PA won't be able to connect them any more.

Do all of the songs appear correctly in the PA Library, in the All Songs list or Folders view? If not, could this be related to other recently reported Android 11 SD Card reading issues? 


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