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On 2/8/2021 at 1:58 PM, maxmp said:

Feel free to request other tag-related functionality.

Another feature I would like to see is the ability to ban tracks, basically having them be skipped automatically/ignored when queueing. This would be nice if you play an album but there is this one track you don't like, or when shuffling to make sure certain tracks don't get shuffled. This could be a setting based on track rating or/and alternatively an option in track settings where you can manually ban it. The later option wouldn't be a tag-related function though, but something stored in a local database.

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I agree this isn't tag editing related so I've moved it to its own Feature Requests thread.

What you are asking for here is basically a 'smart shuffle' feature, where you can provide criteria for how shuffle functions. Such as giving priority to higher rated items, or ignoring low rated ones completely, or skipping certain folders or genres (perhaps you don't want podcasts, audiobooks, or movie soundtracks turning up during a random music session).

This has been suggested a number of times over the years - basically to have an extra category in the Shuffle order marked 'Custom', which you could edit depending on your wishes at the time (or just use same set of choices as last time). To start I'd suggest just a simple dialogue, allowing selection of low/high rating values to include, plus a list of Folder names and Genres to exclude - and maybe a whitelist to include only certain types? 


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