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Can't add Music Folder on Samsung Galaxy S21+


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I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S21+ and installed Poweramp.


  • build-893-arm64-play (893004-dd1054bc)
  • Full Version
  • 64-bit

After a rescan and full rescan it did not find the folder I have full of mp3s. I tried folder selection but only have 3 option, Internal Storage, prism/, and optics/. When I click the + symbol to "Add Storage/Provider Plugin" and select the proper folder that my music is in I get a notification that reads, "Allow Poweramp to access files in Music". After clicking Allow I get a error message that says "Invalid Storage, Please use the sidebar in the system dialog to select the target provider plugin". What is going on? I need help resolving this big issue.

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I would suggest clearing app data, or app permissions, first so you can start from scratch with no permissions. Then you need to Grant Access to the specific folder (not root area) that contains all your music (using the Settings > Library > Music Folders screen). Once that is done, you can go back in to Settings > Library > Music Folders and tick the relevant folder for PA to scan. It should go automatically then, but if you need to force it go to Settings > Library > FULL Rescan.


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