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Requests from a new user (from alpha 704)

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Hi. I'm currently using 893 (believe me - it was sooo hard to switch from brilliant 704 alpha) and I've got a question - is it possible to make the album art smaller? As it was in 70x alpha versions? Because during night listenings big white covers just make me mad! And in older alpha versions I was able to resize them to i.e. 75% or 50%.
Also possibility of blocking swipe left/right to change song would be nice because few times I changed it by mistake (especially when I wanted to swipe the left/right sidemenu as in 70x alphas  ).

Otherwise it's really nice Max that you are still developing this software for all the users who paid you so so much time ago. That's just brilliant.


PS. oh, and adding A-B repeat finally would be great! It's a perfect tool for making comparisions between different headphones.

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I've moved this to Feature Requests as it's not specifically build 893 related.

There are lots of skins that allow you to change the artwork size. I use $YAPS$ which supports all sorts of tweaks like that.

Left/right swipes are inherent to the way PA now works, if you don't use the added Pro Buttons feature there would be no other way to change tracks. There has been some talk about making the swipe features user-configurable though (for Pro Button users) so maybe that and A-B Repeat might appear at some point in the future?



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