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Unfortunately, if you purchase anything from the Google Play Store then to be able install it again on a new device you will need Google services to be present on that new device too. It is not possible to transfer your licence purchase from one service to another - otherwise it would be like buying a movie from Amazon Video and then expecting to be able to watch it on iTunes instead.

If you want to install a Google purchased product on a Huawei device then you'll need to sideload a version of gapps and the Play Store first - for example, see https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/googlefier-install-gms-on-huawei-honor.4180485/ .

Otherwise, you'll need to re-purchase the product from Huawei's own App Gallery, or buy a stand-alone licence (valid for any single Android device at a time, linked to your email address) from the website here.


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