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Albums arent correctly organised alphabetically


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So, i choose to display my albums in alphabetical order in the app. I have an album named The Dutchess that is grouped with the "D" albums, and another album named A Christmas Gift that is grouped with the "C" albums. Is there a way to make it so these albums get grouped with the correct letters they start with, so respectively "T" and "C" in these two cases ?

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That is the correct way to alphabetically sort any text lists where items start with a definite article ("The") or an indefinite article ("A" or "An"). The article should be ignored for sorting purposes - otherwise you get things like "The Beatles" sorted under "T" (along with hundreds of other "The" items) instead of correctly under "B".

If you want to ignore that though, and sort by strict ASCII string, you can enable Settings > Library > Lists > "Don't Ignore Articles For Sort".


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