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Hi, I have three quick questions in trying to configure Poweramp:

1. When I use the Google Assistant (driving) to play a playlist, it always starts in playlist order. How do I default to always shuffle when starting a new playlist?

2. When I search for a single song and tap on it, it plays. When it finishes, however, it then jumps to the entire music library. How do I get it so when playing a single song it essentially clears the previous queue, plays that song only, and stops playing at the end.

3. Same as question 2, but with playlists. If I have an existing playlist on and want to switch to a new one, I would like the previous queue to go away and just play from that playlist.

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  1. Launching a Playlist from another app (or by voice Google Assistant) will launch the requested playlist and play it in the defined order. PA does not currently understand the Google voice syntax "Shuffle playlist xxxxx" or "Play playlist xxxxx shuffled". You can issue a follow-up voice command "Shuffle" though, but that will trigger a full 'all songs' shuffle not a shuffle of the current category (playlist in this case). Once PA is playing normally, you can tap on the Shuffle icon twice to get to 'Shuffle Songs' mode, which will shuffle all of the songs in the current category (playlist) before moving on to the next category.
  2. When you Search and tap on a single song title in the All Songs list, the chosen song will commence playing in 'All Songs' mode. When the song finishes, PA will continue with the next song in the All Songs list.
    If you choose a song from (for example) an Album in the search results, playback will continue in that same album after the first song is finished.
    If you only want just a single song to play and then playback stops, set Repeat mode to 'Single Song'.
    You can also long-press on a song title in the search results, select several songs, and then tap ">> Queue" to put them into the Queue. How the queue Starts, and what happens when it Ends, can be pre-configured in PA Settings > Library > Queue.
  3. If you are listening to Queued tracks, you can see the rest of the unplayed queued songs by tapping on the album cover area. From that Queue view, tap the three-dots menu icon and select 'Clear Queue'. PA will then return to playing where it left off before you started the queue. Again, that queue-end action is configurable in the Settings > Library > Queue menu.


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