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+/- 10 sec FF/RW button option removed?


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A few days ago I still had the option to replace the <<< and >>> buttons with -10 and +10 sec seek respectively. Now that options appears to be gone.

I did have an Android security update yesterday (but not new Android version). I'm not sure if it's related to my phone being updated or if Poweramp was updated. That option is essential to me. Seeking via nav bar is very imprecise when you're listening to long tracks such as audiobooks and podcasts.

A <<< button that goes to previous folder is useless to me and it being there means I can accidentally press it.

Also a suggestion: Let me hold down the << button to rewind, tap to go previous track.

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The option is still there, it can be enabled in Settings > Library > "-10/+10s Rewind Pro Buttons". It's visibility is track-duration dependent, so make sure you set the duration threshold to zero if you want it to always be available.

Also, holding down the << button does indeed rewind for as long as you hold the button, while single-tapping it goes to previous track (or to the start of the current track if you enable Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI > "<< Button Resets Current Track" ). 


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