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New to Poweramp..


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I have just left Apple, bought a Dell PC and now have a Samsung Galaxy and I’m looking for a music player to replace itunes. Please can someone let me know if Poweramp can replace itunes so it can become a music libary on my PC that will sync up with my in house Sonos system and can also sync with my Samsung so I can use as a music player in the car and in the gym with headphones ... thanks in advance 👍🏼

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Poweramp is a very powerful and well-specified music player, designed to listen to your local collection of music files that you have stored on your Android device. But it's not a music downloader/manager/sync tool. There are other apps around that can do this sort of thing, syncing files between multiple devices/computers with varying degrees of success, but they do seem to come with their own various issues.

iTunes can still work on PCs and Android devices if you already have a large collection of purchased music from there.  I personally don't much like iTunes for the same reason that I don't like iPhones (lack of ability to fine-control how they do things) but one thing they are admittedly very good at is automatically doing stuff like managing media collections for you - as long as you are happy with the manner in which they require you to do it. Over the last few years Android does seem to be moving in the same sort of 'big brother' direction (compared to where it started) but it's still  not as managed an ecosystem as Apple's


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