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Songs and playlists from SD Card


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Hello everyone,. I have  question regards playlists and songs from an SD card. I installed Poweramp and i notice it came up with all my playlists that i used to have which i created in google music previously. However, only a few playlists have songs in them. The majority of the playlists are empty.

Does anyone have an idea if it is possible to recreate automatically all my playlists from the songs i have on my SD card so i don't have to go and manually look up each song in my 16,000 song database? This will save me hours of work.

Also, if it is not possible why would that be and why have some only some playlists been populated. lastly, is there a way I can set up playlists in the future with Poweramp so if i change phone or have to re-install the app for whatever reason the playlists will come back fully loaded with the same songs? 

Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thanks and kindest Regards


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Poweramp playlists can be created from Android system playlists, and as long as the named audio files are in the same physical folder locations, and PA has correctly scanned them into its music database, then it should be able to use them.

If they import but are empty, that usually means the audio files themselves have been moved (or are otherwise not in PA's database). Do the 'missing' songs appear in PA's library views (Folders, Albums, etc)? If not, make sure the relevant folders are ticked in PA Settings > Library > Music Folders.

In case some of the folders have moved, you could try 'Rescan / Resolve Playlists' in the three-dots menu for the Playlists view. For a file to match with a playlist entry, it must have an identical filename and containing folder name.

Once playlists have been created and have the correct contents, you can use PA Settings > Library > Playlists > Export Poweramp Playlists. This will turn the internal database playlists into permanent files, which can be moved over to other devices (again, as long as the folder structure remains the same).


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