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Double the playlists


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Hi all - new to Poweramp, moving from Google Play on Android for my local music.  Music is synced from Itunes using Isyncr to my phone.  After scanning my music folder (SD card) I end up with double/duplicate playlists in the library, never had this issue with Google Play.  Basically a playlist plus the same one with the file extension .m3u .  I have selected the "Don't Add Duplicates" in the playlist settings, rescanned, with no change.

Would love to get down to just a single playlist showing.  Any help on what is causing this or how to change?  Thanks in advance.

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'Don't Add Duplicates' is to prevent the same song from being added into an existing playlist if it is already present in that playlist.

Sounds like what you've got here is a set of .M3U playlist files somewhere on your storage, which PA will automatically scan and show in the Playlists folder with the .M3U extender to show that these are files rather than internal database playlists. Then you also had the same lists set up as Android system playlists (perhaps by another music app) which have also been brought into PA using Settings > Library > Playlists > Import System Library Playlists. You need to decide which form of these lists you want to use - the physical files on storage, or the ones copied from the Android system database.


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Thanks Andre - it was the system playlists even though I didn't proactively bring them into PA.  I reinstalled PA, deleted the system playlists (shouldn't screw anything up he hopes) and now I am getting only the playlists in my media folder as I want.

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