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Full-Album Playlists


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Hi there,

i buy a lot of music, sometimes too much to listen to it properly. So some albums i bought never really quite got to me. I want to listen to these albums more often, in order to find out if they´re just crap or if i didn´t take enough time for it to catch me.

I would love a function, where you could create a sort of playlist, where only full albums could be added and then played randomly. At this moment i can only add these albums as songs, and if i then activate random play, it mixes all these albums in together. Yeah, i know, that´s exactly what a playlist should be doing. But a sort of "Full-Album Playlist" would be a great feature!

Thanks for considering it.

Greetings from Germany.

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Currently PA only supports the features of Playlists as per the file specs, and M3U contents require a path descriptor for each specific separate song file. Playlists do not know anything about the contents of the songs they refer to - such as Title, Album, Artist, etc tags - and they do not support wildcarded paths (such as an entry like "/Music/Blondie/Parallel Lines/*.mp3").

I agree it would be nice have have support for dynamic playlists such as the above, but currently it is outside the original file spec.


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I would like to make a suggestion regarding the song lists, would it be possible to increase an option where when touching a song in the list it does not play accidentally? sometimes I'm selecting songs to queue to listen to and it happens to accidentally touch one to add the queue and it will play stopping the one being played, if I had an option to activate that asked for confirmation to play, or something like that would avoid this problem.

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