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How can I play selected songs as a playlist without creating a permanent playlist?


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I have also created a reddit thread with the same question too: https://www.reddit.com/r/Poweramp/comments/jp7zgw/how_can_i_play_selected_songs_as_a_playlist/


There is only one main issue I have remaining to stop using playerpro and use Poweramp, I don't understand how can I use it as I normally use music players: I have my music library stored locally, today I want to listen to those 10 songs, I select them and add it to the playlist or queue, as the music player names it, whatever, but the thing is that I can select songs or folders, and add them to a temporal playlist, the currently playing playlist, and I can use the sorting options and the repeat options in this playlist. I don't know, pretty usual. But in Poweramp I have to stick with only one folder, or only one album, or one artist, or let it play across my whole library, or add selected songs or folders to the queue but I cannot use the queue as a playlist as I cannot use random options inside the queue, or unless I create a permanent playlist, which I would then have to delete after I finish listening...

I don't understand if the way I use music players is not common or if I haven't found out how to achieve it... can somebody help me please?

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I suspect Poweramp's Queue feature can do exactly what you seem to be asking. Think of it as a 'temporary playlist', rather than one that you have to delete after you are done with it. You can add single or multiple songs, or whole albums or folders worth of songs.

Once you have placed some songs into the Queue, the default action is to listen in the order that you chose to add them. However if you disable Settings > Library > Queue > Ignore Shuffle then the queue will respect the setting of the Shuffle icon in the player screen just like any other category would do. There is also a setting in there to define what happens when the Queue is finished - return to normal playback, or respect the Repeat icon and stop, or start the queue again.

You can manage the entries in the Queue in all sorts of ways. If you go into Library view > Queue, you can long-press on a song and move it up or down the list (or remove it completely). If you tap the three-dots menu icon you can Re-sort the queue in the same way that you can a playlist - such as by title, artist, album, track, randomly, etc.

Oh, and if you really like a Queue that you have set up, you can make it a permanent Playlist by long-pressing on a song, tap 'All', then use "+ Playlist" to add all the currently selected songs to a named (or new) Playlist. 


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