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Add files to queue in folder-mode?


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first of all, I am using PowerWamp only in folder mode, since this is the way I organize my music since decades, I am not a fan of Sorting by Album, artist or anything else: Anything I listen to is in different folders. I want to be able to start a song, and while browsing the different folders I have, whenever I discover a song that I like, add it to the current playing queue so that it will be played after the current song. So something like "add file to queue". The problem is: I do not find an option for that, or at least it doesn't behave like I expect: when I click the corresponding option in Poweramp ny long-clicking a song (it's called "Warteschlange" in the German version which roughly translates to "Waiting queue" ), the current song stops playing, and the new song is instantly played back. This is not what I actually want, I want to finish the current song, and after that, the next one shall be played.


So is it possible to add files to a que without interrupting the urrent playback the first time that option is used?


And another thing I noticed is the inconsequent browsing: when I am in playback mode where the album art is displayed, I have to swipe up to get back to the folder selection. However, in the folder selection, I have to push a button labelled "back" on the top of the screen, which is not consistent. I would like to move backwards in the hierarchy by simply clicking the back-button of my mobile device (< Butten), but this Quits the player when in the song view. Is it possible to use the back-button of my device in the song-view to not exit the player, but to get back to the folder view instead?



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Settings > Library > Queue > Start Playing Queue > After the Current Song.

The Back button will exit the app from the screen where it was started (normally that would be the main player screen, but it can be configured to start in the Library with Settings > Look and Feel > Start at Library). To get from the player screen to the currently-playing category, tap the cover artwork. Then you can use the Back button to move back up hierarchy layers. Tap the miniplayer at the bottom of the screen to go directly back to the main player screen.


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