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Can Poweramp display videos while playing video files


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I have been using Poweramp (PA) for a year+ and am  pleased  with the app.

I have karaoke video files in mp4 format. When I played the mp4 file on PA through my samsung phone, i can hear the audio and be able to set the equalizer. However there is no video displayed on my phone.  How do i set to display the video? 

However, the default apps on my phone for eg video player and google play music can play/display both audio/video.

I intend to install PA on my android box and connect to the TV.  Would it make a difference? Would the video file be displayed on the tv?

Thank you


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sorry but wouldn't this be so awesome to implement?

i mean it can easily take place of YouTube and completely relying on Poweramp for joyness : )

please consider adding this feature as it will be super useful 😆


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I am using this power amp since 2016 and I liked it very much since the quality of its sound with 10 band equaliser which gives me a seperate variety of sound which I would like to hear along with HD quality video and enjoy the same.


Stanley Xavier.




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