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Car >> and << buttons no longer skip tracks


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I have a 2015 Ford Focus which has ff>> and rw<< buttons on the steering wheel, these used to work with Poweramp as a single press would skip music track forward and back.  I didn't use Poweramp for a while in the car and have just come back to it, it seems the app has updated since the last time I used it; now using the ff and rw buttons on my wheel just fastforwards and rewinds songs instead of skipping tracks like it used to.  I didn't change any settings so I'm not sure what exactly is causing it.  I tried using the different settings within Poweramp, for single press, double/triple press, or long press for next track, but none of them seem to make a difference.  If I double/triple press the buttons on my car it just does more ff and rw.  I've tried using other music players, a double press on the car buttons skips tracks no problem.  I've attached a screenshot of my last processed commands, it appears to just be reading fastforward commands instead of skip track.  I have also attached a screenshot showing my app build/about section.  

I'm really at a loss here, not sure if there is a setting I'm overlooking, any help or troubleshooting advise would be much appreciated.

Also information to note, I am on Android 10 using a Samsung Galaxy S9.



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Poweramp can only respond to the commands it actually receives from the external device via Android's Bluetooth system, and I assume the way those are forwarded to apps as KEYCODE events may change with Android updates to the BT system too.

PA will respond to a received KEYCODE_MEDIA_FAST_FORWARD ACTION_DOWN event by starting to fast-forward through the current track. It will stop that fast-forward motion once it receives a KEYCODE_MEDIA_FAST_FORWARD ACTION_UP, which lets it know that the long-press on the button has now finished. PREV and NEXT actions require a momentary click action, such as a KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT ACTION_DOWN followed immediately by KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT ACTION_UP (I think the activity is only triggered when the button-released 'ACTION_UP' event has been received, but I could be wrong on that).

Both types of event seem to be appearing in your log, which is probably based on the length of the button clicks, but more log data for specific steering-wheel operations might help.

Max may be able to tell us more if I've misunderstood any of the way event processing works. 


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Hmm, yeah it is definitely reading it as a fastforward/rewind command.  It's just strange since it used to work well to skip tracks, and it still works with the other music apps I've tried.  I honestly don't know what version Poweramp was on when it worked, maybe it was on a previous Android update as well, I have no idea if that could have messed with things.  Oh well, I'll keep fiddling with the settings and see if anything changes.

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