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Потоковое воспроизведения [Streaming playback]


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Всем доброго времени суток!!! Кто нибудь подскажите как слушать музыку из моего аккаунте vk.com данным плеером установлена Официальная купленная версия приложения!

Всем большое спасибо за предоставленную информацию!

[Translation --- Admin]

Good day to all!!! Someone tell me how to listen to music from my vk.com account with this player installed the Official purchased version of the application!

Thank you all for the information provided!

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If VK (which I thought was basically a chat/social media thing?) allows you to download offline music, you'd need to save any resulting MP3 (or similar) files to your phone's storage and allow Poweramp to scan for them. PA does have some limited capacity for online playback (each specific files, or shoutcast streams) but it doesn't stream from other apps.


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