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On selecting playlist only one shuffle mode available?


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Dear forum!

I am still new in Poweramp and testing its possibilities. Now I have found one inconsistency. When you tap on a playlist, a window opens showing a list of the songs contained in the playlist (see window1.jpg attached). Beneath the playlist title there are some control buttons, the left one being the "shuffle button" (I marked it with a red circle). Next to it is the "play button". Now what I do not understand is why I cannot scroll through the different shuffle options by tapping on the shuffle button? And why it would not show a list of the different shuffle options when you press and hold the shuffle button? Instead when you tap on the button, it will force you into "shuffle songs and categories". Why? Now, when I press on the current song title on the bottom of the page I get another window (see window2.jpg attached). This new window shows the song selected in full page view. There is a shuffle button on this page, too, on the right upper side (red circle). I am curious why this button allows to scroll through the different shuffle options (in contrast to the other button). Where is the logic?

And why cannot Poweramp just remember my last selection. I always want to shuffle songs within one playlist - and only this one playlist...

If anybody could explain it to me, I would appreciate.



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The Shuffle (and Play) icons at the top of all lists are just a quick way to set an appropriate shuffle (or play) mode for the list being viewed. You can always change the mode later in the Player screen where there are more varied options for both the Shuffle and Repeat features. 

If you want to start playback without changing your existing Repeat/Shuffle modes, just tap on any song title in the list, not the quick-icons at the top.

There are some changes planned for the future to make those top icons more powerful by the way.


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