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Reducing audio playback glitches


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Hey there,

I've just got into this app and it's really great, currently using the free trial on a HiBy R5 player.

One thing I'm noticing is some glitching in the audio – from time to time, the playback will stutter, giving a few miliseconds of noticeable silence (no clicks or pops, just a small gap).

To be honest, this was happening before when I was using the HiBy Music software that was pre-installed on the machine, but now it's happening more frequently with Poweramp.

I know there are a lot of playback and audio settings within Poweramp, so I'm planning to dive in and do some research to see what they all are, but in the meantime... are there any particular settings that are more likely to be straining the CPU and potentially causing this issue / making it worse?



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