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Levels, volumes, peaks, clipping etc

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Would be nice to have a choice instead of the Spectrum.

dBFS Scale -60 to 0dBFS peak meter L/R chan (maybe with a clipping indicator) - This would be of the actual media playing (based on the samples. EG "if more than 3/4/5/6 samples are at 0dBFS then indicate clipping").

I dont know if its possible to show the output level in some way but if there is im sure you can work it out :)
Would be great if i could see output Mw or Voltage or if the actual output is overamplified in some way/causing clipping/distortion etc etc.
A way to input headphone Maximum Mw and Impedance OHMs to show a reccomended maximum output level etc etc.

Maybe not possible at all, im not sure.

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While in DVC mode Poweramp usually controls the final volume for the output, in many cases it’s not possible to guess final volume with such accuracy, as there are intermediate gains applied through the signal path to the end device and there is no way we can query and display those gains.

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