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Uh...filenames, where art thou?


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New user, but am I missing something?

In the previous version of Poweramp, I had the option of navigating up and down folder hierarchies and seeing my MP3's by filename. Works great for me. I have a whole tree of directories of MP3's organized just the way I like it. Been building it for YEARS. When I need music backed up or copied to yet some new device or played by yet another player, I just drag one folder somewhere and I'm done. I don't bother with file-embedded metadata. The file system ITSELF is about as universal as anything gets.

Now, with the new update of Poweramp, intermediate directory names are there, but no MP3 filenames that I can find, nor is there any setting I can set to turn it back on as in the old version.

"Search" is utterly worthless to me since it only seems to work on file-embedded metadata and NOT file names. Every file in the universe is named "track <some number>"...THAT'S real useful. Like playing musical darts with a blindfold on.

I'd rather not be coerced into using internal file data in all my MP3's, thanks very much.

Will we be getting back the functionality we already used to have, is it gone for good, or did I just miss something in the settings?

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You can enable filenames in Folders view with menu => List Opts => Show filenames in Folders.

There is also separate option for Library filenames (i.e. you can separately enable filenames only in folders and keep it in library, or you can enable it everywhere, etc.)


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Ah. Thank you. I missed the fact that 1) the menu is context based and 2) for some reason, this particular setting had been removed from "Settings" where it had resided before. I wonder why it was taken from settings? Oh, well.

I'm STILL having problems with search, however. Searching doesn't seem to apply to filenames. I have the song "Fixing a Hole", as an example, and searching for "Fixing" or "fixing" turns up nothing, as pretty much does searching for any filename string or substring.

Any tips on this one? Your previous tip fixed MOST of my problems; I think this is the only one left.

P.S. (Not to be a cranky old bugger, but I really liked the old interface better. Was LOTS more intuitive. This one seems to have a bunch of different, weirdo UI stuff "just because it can". Basic controls at the bottom but volume, equalizer etc. scattered all over the screen, and only if you tap it. Sheesh. Is it possible to regress back to the older version?)

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