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Volume levels


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OK so when I output a digital signal from my computer to my DAC i always use 100% volume and then use the amps volume control so as not to alter the digital signal.

If im using power amp to output to a iFi HipDac for example - how do i set the volume to be controled by the iFi unit and so the phone is not altering the digital signal (either boosting or lowering it)

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Im just hearing odd distortions in some songs and not others but i know that none of my songs reach 0dBFS because i manually recorded them all and set the levels myself. Foobar2000 Peak meter also confirms I am never hitting 0dBFS.

I dont know if its the song mastering thats bad (i hear it on my desktop dac too but at a much higher level) - i dont hear it on my HiFi but then again the volume can never get to the levels that you hear from IEMs.
or is it the Phone / Dac / Software etc etc.

I dont know if my device supports DVC (p20 pro) - When i enable DVC the volume is less and according to others the volume should be more (it even warns you "caution: could be very loud") - does that mean DVC isnt supported?
Shall I use replay gain + prevent clipping even though none of my tracks contain any RG data/meta and reduce the gain there? - I think not as i know the levels of my songs contain no clipping!
I use no EQ or Tone boosts or Pre-amp or limiter.
Should i use the NoDVC negative gain if im not using any EQ/Tone/preamp etc?

The phones volume appears to go much higher than my IEMs are capable of going.
My IEMs are relativly low 12 OHM 30Mw max.
I dont know what the output capability of my phone is etc.

There are a lot of settings to play with, just looking for some help.

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