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Ok, Go to All songs then three dot-list options- by shuffle order (here you can shuffle whole songs for once) But in Playlists go to a particular playlist then three dot-resort-shuffle(random sort) (here you can shuffle as many as you can. So my request is to add this feature to all songs so we can shuffle as many times as we can. Thanks in advance.

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The sorting options in the three-dots menus perform different functions in different Category views.

In Folders, All Songs, Albums, etc. there is no natural 'built-in' sequence, and the sorting mode is part of the List Options feature which define how that type of list should be viewed. Selecting a new mode does not change anything underlying within the database, and you can switch the ordering as often as you like and still go back to the old view again afterwards. When you choose to view the list "By Shuffle Order", you are asking to be shown where you are listening within a currently randomised list of songs - and that list will only change the next time PA reshuffles your playback sequence. Changing the view type does not trigger a new shuffle though, it merely shows you the current shuffle. To trigger a new randomised list, tap the Shuffle icon in the player screen to select a new shuffle mode, or use the Shuffle icon at the top of each list view.

In Playlists (and the Queue), 'Re-Sort' is not a List Option, and it does not merely change the way you see the list displayed. It is a permanent change to the structured order of the whole playlist (like shuffling a deck of cards) and you can't later return to the old order as it has been overwritten. Each time you use this feature, the current Playlist is re-edited in a new sequence, but it does not affect any other playlists.


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