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Poweramp now starts up in Arabic, a language I can't read or speak.

Would someone be kind enough to walk me through switching back to English,

ideally with images or very detailed instructions.

(Apparently the setting is under Look and Feel, whose pictogram I can identify. But after that I'm lost.)

Thanks so much!

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36 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

In Settings, the first item at the top of that page is 'Look and Feel'. Inside that, the sixth item down (just under the second coloured heading) is 'Language' which you should set to Auto.


Andrewilley! Thank you so much for your prompt and clear reply. I'm so dumb! I actually did get to that while fumbling about, but didn't see auto - just the cyrillic and mandarin... and didn't think to explore.

You da best!

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