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problem with the listing


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this is probably a stupid problem but i cant fix it.

i have my files in a folder on the sdcard. it goes something like this "sd\music\artist\year - album\songs"

before the update i had it so the listing showed in name order, so when i played music it would go from artist starting with a and the first year. however, i cant seem to get that to work now. the artists get in the right order, but the albums get in the wrong order. ive tried different settings but this is the closest i get to what i want.

any help please?

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edit: i spoke to soon =(. i get it to list like i want in the lib/folders, but not when playing. so still need help.

Have you gone into one of the folders in the Folders view and started a file playing from there? I got caught out by that, the playback mode DOES NOT CHANGE just because you have changed the view in the Folders/Lib view, you need to actually force a playback from there first. It's rather counter-intuitive until you work out what it's doing; I assumed that having selected a mode and seeing it displayed in the Folders/Lib screen, that is how the player was working, but apparently not.

See http://forum.poweram...ndpost__p__6713 and http://forum.poweram...ndpost__p__6986 .


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