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Remove "m3u8" From Title In Playlists?


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Hi all, I had 2 playlists made up in Poweramp on my phone. They were called "Country and Rock" I had to switch phones so I exported the playlists. On the new phone I imported the playlists into Poweramp but now when I go to playlists the title of the two are Crountry.m3u8 and Rock.m3u8. Is there anyway I can remove the "m3u8" that is showing up in the name and just have it Country and Rock again. Thanks in advance for your help.

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File-based playlists are indicated by their filename, which does include the extension.

The easiest way to deal with that would be to move the contents over to internal playlists instead. Long-press on the Playlist's filename and then tap on the "+ Playlist" option.  Use "+ Add New" to create a new playlist containing all the same songs. You can then remove the exiting physical file over to some backup location that Poweramp cannot scan (or delete it completely if you don't want to keep it as a backup). Once all playlists are done, you may need to use the Rescan/Resolve Playlists menu option to get rid of the now-redundant entries,  although they should vanish on their own during the next background scan.


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2 hours ago, Michael Fields said:

Having verified that the file was saved I then deleted the file on the SD card, hit Rescan/Resolve Playlists and the m3u8 files listed disappeared.

Yes, that would be as expected.

If you delete an .M3U8 file (or just move it to somewhere else on your device that's not in PA's allowed list of music folders) that playlist will vanish from PA's Library and you won't be able to use it - just like a song would disappear from the Library if you deleted its file or moved it elsewhere.

The original question was whether you could avoid displaying the ".m3u8" extender in PA for wanted file-based playlists, which you can't. You'd need to copy the contents to an internal (database stored) Poweramp playlist first, which would create a duplicate copy without the extender, and then remove the original file-based one.


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