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Poweramp playlists not working after SD card format due to changed name


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So last night my SD card randomly corrupted. I was forced to format it and then replace all the files that were on it. However, after the format the "name" of the SD card seems to have changed from "6565-3164" to "632D-4097." As such, all the tracks on my playlists are greyed out and unplayable. Is there anyway to save my playlists or rename my sdcard? All other pathways are identical to what they were before. All help would be seriously appreciated. 

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Poweramp is able to "fix" such playlists:
1. ensure you have all music for these playlist available to Poweramp (appropriate folders checked in Poweramp Music Folders dialog)
2. in Playlists use header menu / Rescan / Resolve Playlists


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