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All files gone, rescan not working?


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Tried opening the app today, no files could be found. Didn't restart phone, app didn't crash. Rescan doesn't work. 

v3 build 842 

OS: OxygenOS 10.0.3


Just thought I'd let the developers know. 

Couldn't add direct link to uploaded screenshot. Please see link. 


I'm a big fan of Poweramp and have been since v1! 

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this sounds similar to my problem I've lost "all songs, Albums, etc", only available tracks are those in my playlists but the meta data is unavailable so only shows the filename and none of the embedded art and it just happened at the beginning of the week. I've just checked permissions for the App and it says it has access to storage and nothing is denied, what other permissions could there be ? some music is on internal storage and others on the sd card.


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