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I'm using it. Poweramp Full Version Unlocker


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Please specify the following:

  • Poweramp build number (available in Poweramp Settings / About)         -  Reset all settings
  • your device model                                                                                               -  SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A6 2016 with s pen (SM-P585)
  • your Android version                                                                                           -  8.1.0
  • your custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM)                      -  X
  • steps to reproduce




Please refer to the attached two pictures. 

It's the same size of album art (730x730). 

Isn't one three-dimensional and the other three-dimensional?



Despite the same conditions (730x730)

Why is there such a difference?

Is it a bug?

What is the difference if it's not a bug?


Please explain.

solid O.jpg

solid X.jpg

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I can't really see much difference. One image shows slightly more of a drop-shadow than the other, but how pronounced it looks will depend on each image content and thus the background I guess. What is the problem though, as you have posted this in the Bug Reports forum?


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