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Jellyfin Integration

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https://jellyfin.org/ is a free and open source media system that serves music and video files. It's been under healthy and active development since Emby went to closed source and adoption has increased significantly in recent months.

With Poweramp beginning to embrace online audio, being able to access my Jellyfin music library through Poweramp would be great. As of now there is no native Android client.

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Thanks for the request.

Actually, new Poweramp betas (862+) supports any custom 3rd party track providers. The API is targeted to use cases as 3rd party music sources integrations, is based on standard Android APIs (SAF/DocumentContract), and can work for other Android apps as well. Example app is provided and generally it's quite easy to build plugin based on the API. You may have a better chance asking Jellyfin devs;-)

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I noticed the 3rdparty track providers support. However I see no help on how to use this feature? What can I do with it? What are some plugins that I can install?

I'm currently using EDS to mount a samba share to a local folder and have Poweramp scan that. I also do this over VPN when bot at home. However network changes causes ot to disconnect and Poweramp keeps losing the library and having to rescan. Looking for a more stable way of playing from my home server. 

The players from the other self hosted solutions are garbage in comparison to Poweramp.


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