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  1. Yeah I disabled the auto scanner which has helped. Now if there is a network change I just have to make sure the mount is back online and then Poweramp continues to work. And as long as I make sure the mount is online before doing update scans, nothing gets deleted. I get that the original intent was to focus audio playback of local files only, but phone storage is tiny and slow. I have all my mass storage in one place at home and it works for everything except music because the only player on android that supports disabling pause/stop on audio focus change is Poweramp, but it also can't
  2. Ah yes. I tried it last night, Poweramp couldn't successfully scan through it at all. And couple other cloud providers caused files to be synced locally defeating the purpose. Back to using EDS to mount the samba share locally.
  3. Wait. There's a samba plugin for Poweramp? I keep seeing 3rd party plugin support in the settings but never anywhere to get plugins or what is available.
  4. Came across this thread while searching for a solution. My library is properly tagged for various artist as that is the proper way to do it and has been for years on other players, but I still wasn't getting albums grouped. Found the solution myself, enable "Album Artists" in "Library List Options" which is found in settings > Library > Lists If you have no use for the straight artist list you can uncheck it there.
  5. A simple change would let this work. Have the ability to mark sources as network sources so the tracks aren't removed immediately from the DB as soon as they disappear. I have it working with a samba share mounted to a folder on the local fs. But the library scanning itself on network changes is getting very frustrating. The DB should be able to remember everything for when the share comes back.
  6. I noticed the 3rdparty track providers support. However I see no help on how to use this feature? What can I do with it? What are some plugins that I can install? I'm currently using EDS to mount a samba share to a local folder and have Poweramp scan that. I also do this over VPN when bot at home. However network changes causes ot to disconnect and Poweramp keeps losing the library and having to rescan. Looking for a more stable way of playing from my home server. The players from the other self hosted solutions are garbage in comparison to Poweramp.
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