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Can't get the library scan to work


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This thing is showing some extremely odd behavior.

1. It shows playlists I don't have in my Playlists folder (old ones I deleted months ago before even buying Poweramp)
2. It fails to show the ones I do have in that folder
3. If I do a rescan, I have to restart the app entirely because afterward, it shows 0 folders, 0 tracks
4. Same as 3. because afterward, I cannot select any folders besides internal storage and SD card
5. Apparently there is no setting to completely reset and delete any files remaining from Poweramp so I can do a perfectly fresh new installation

Any tips? It's effectively preventing me from using this at all.

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Playlists are also imported from the Android system, which may be where the phantom ones are being picked up from.

Clear app data will reset Poweramp, just the same as a clean reinstall would do. You could also delete the internal-memory folder /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer , although that should be empty anyway after uninstalling.

Check Settings > Library > Music Folders and ensure that all of the locations that contain your music are ticked before doing a Full Rescan. Songs files must already exist in the Library database before they will appear in any Playlists. 


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