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V2 compatible with the Android 10?

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There will be no further development of the old v2 (and hasn't been for years now) as it is officially only being kept available for versions of Android which are not supported by v3 (i.e. KitKat and below).

To be honest, I'm a bit surprised it has been so resilient to Google's changes in Android for as long as it has - but if your device's Android 10 update has finally broken it and yo can't coax it back into life, I'm afraid the only solution will be to be dragged kicking and screaming into 2020.

Once you get used to it, v3 has a lot more power, flexibility and configurability though, and there are skins out there that make the main playback screen look somewhat similar to v2 if that is your concern. It took me a while too, but I'm a convert now - apart from having to have two menu buttons,  context and system, which still annoys me now, but it annoys me in every other app too.


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On 3/7/2020 at 9:37 AM, Enadeau68 said:

Just got my Galaxy s20 ultra with version 10 is. I knew the day would come when V2 wouldn't be compatible with the newest is. Any fix other than updating to v3? 

What problems exactly do you run into? I am currently using a Galaxy S10e on Android 10 with Poweramp 709 alpha and it seems to be working fine, similar results with the last v2 stable release. 
The only thing that is a bit annoying is the navigation bar being white rather than black, which is something I can live with. 

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Dragged kicking and screaming is right. Ver. 3 is so bad that I can't begin to describe it. I'm running  ver. 2.0.10 build 588 on my Galaxy S10+, and it barely runs. Still, I'd rather fight with it than mess with the mess that is Ver. 3. The interface redesign is so unintuitive so as to be useless. The problem with app coders and designers is that they think just like that, not like end users. I bought this app because at the time it really was the only "real" player available for Android, i.e. it supported FLAC, had an interface you could understand without a user guide and worked beautifully with my BT car stereo (which, at the time, was a new thing). I have been using Android since ver. 4, whatever it was called, and am fairly tech savvy. Every so often I download the latest version, just to see if it's any better than it was when the re-designed version came out. Nope. Still as dumb as ever. I know, there are plenty of users out there who will say the problem is the user, not the app, but it just ain't so. So, I'm off to find another player with the same feature set that you can figure out in five minutes. You know, the way PA was...

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@Scrondarq You can continue to use v2 if you want, although as it is mainly now just a legacy product for users who cannot upgrade to Android 5 or above. The fact that it works at all in Android 10 is pretty amazing.

PA v2 has all of the features of v2, and a whole ton more besides, which of course does mean the interface is necessarily slightly different - and of course a lot more modern (which was the main point of releasing v3 in the first place, as per user-voted request).

"Ver. 3 is so bad that I can't begin to describe it ... Still as dumb as ever" is not exactly helpful or descriptive as issue-reports go. What specific features are you finding difficult to access, or you think are missing? If it's more of a visual look, there are a number of very easy options that have been added since v3 was first released, which in a couple of seconds can make it look more like the old v2 interface. See Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI and Settings > Look and Feel > Skin  - e.g. using five 'Pro' control buttons (<<<|<<|>|>>|>>>), switching back to a simple slider-thumb seekbar, moving the title/artist text below the artwork area, setting the ratings system back to 5-stars based rather than thumbs, and a whole ton more.


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