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  1. @flyingdutchman Just reinstalled v3 and updated YAPS to V63. Disabling the album art in the library works as it should, thank you very much! Would it be possible to further reduce the space taken up by the library header where the large album art used to be? I personally don't need most of the metadata and control elements shown there. I did a quick photoshop of how such a solution could look like, see attached picture. Edit: another idea to improve usability: I do like the compact list setting, but would prefer a wider spacing between single tracks. If you take a look at my screenshot from v2 you'll see what I mean, readability is a bit better.
  2. What problems exactly do you run into? I am currently using a Galaxy S10e on Android 10 with Poweramp 709 alpha and it seems to be working fine, similar results with the last v2 stable release. The only thing that is a bit annoying is the navigation bar being white rather than black, which is something I can live with.
  3. @flyingdutchman That would be great, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you
  4. I don't have any problems with UI changes, if they are done well. Also, I tend to get used to new UI rather fast, because that is a necessary skill for my job. Besides the Yamaha TF series I can't remember any UI of professional audio equipment I couldn't use more or less intuitively. (Same story there, too fancy and shiny but not really usable compared to the more advanced QL and CL series.) No, my CDs aren't stored in blank paper sleeve covers, but I wouldn't mind if they were. If I really want to appreciate an album art, I take a vinyl record of the shelf. But just listening to music on electronic devices - no, I never use the album art. My digital music is stored on a NAS, in a well structured folder scheme. We're talking about approximately well over 260GB of music, of which I have roundabout 75GB as a copy on my phone. I never felt the need to stare at digital album art. If I am listening to music on my phone, the screen is off. For music purposes it could easily have a gray scale screen as well, wouldn't mind. I've already opened a request, and I am hoping there will be some alternative interface for people like me, who are rather "form-follows-function" than "function-follows-form". Till then I am stuck with 709 alpha, which seems to be the last stable version with the old library.
  5. Poweramp really is (or better: was) a great app, but v3 GUI still to this day is unusable for my needs. I'd love to have a kind of "simple mode" or "simple skin" that brings back the simple yet functional UI of v2, especially in the library. No visualizations, no waveform seekbar, no big album arts in the library, no unnecessary metadata, but a clear structure (see attached screenshot of v2 library). I'd be really thankful!
  6. I know, as a sound engineer I might not be the person to ask when it comes to visual stuff. But come on, in what universe is that collection of unnecessary "visual stuff" pretty? Just compare the screenshots. Everything is about minimalism nowadays, and then this is happening? Who is the target group of this app? 12 year olds? Very disappointing. I was really hoping that almost 2 more years of development since the release of v3 would finally result in a usable app, but I was wrong. So I really have to go back to v2, again. Massive facepalm. 🤦‍♂️ How hard can it actually be to remove features? It's not like I expect the dev to include 10 more annoying visual tricks, I'd like to get rid of the already included. I still can't believe how one of my most loved apps (I've bought it 8 years ago!) turned into this unusable cluttered mess. It is not a simple "oh, you have to get used to it" like it was with v1 to v2. That transition was actually pretty okay. It took me a few days, but all in all, no complaints. v3 on the other hand feels like a totally different app, but one I would never even think about spending a single cent on.
  7. See the attached screenshots, v3 vs v2. Is there any possibility to get the library of v3 as slim as the v2 library? I really really like the v2 one, great usability, simple yet functional. v3 on the other hand is just cluttered with random bs.
  8. Okay, so after the upgrade to v3 (that was quite a while ago, wasn't it?) I continued to use v2, because the new UI just wasn't usable. Since I've got a new phone, I decided to give v3 another shot, even purchased YAPS. Please tell me there is a way to disable those horrible album art previews, that take up half the screen when entering the library (structured folder view). I could live with the general player UI (still, v2 seems superior, by a lot), but the library is pretty much unusable. If that's not the case, I hope v2 is compatible to Android 10... v2 library has a brilliant simple and highly usable design, please let there be a way, to achive similar results with v3 🙄
  9. With the new v3 UI Poweramp ist for me no longer usable, as I mostly use it in splitscreen mode on my Galaxy S7 while driving, the other screenhalf being used by Google Maps. This is working absolutely fine with v2. I already reported this, when I was trying v3 the first time, some months ago. Though I give it another try, but it behaves the same. Had to downgrade to v2 again. V3 UI is waaayyyy to bloated, if you ask me. Edit: added picture of the mess:
  10. So while having sorted out the hierarchy issue (couple of reboots), the UI scaling is as expected pretty poor. As you can see in the attached picture there are no controls shown if used in split-screen mode. I guess I'll have to donwgrade to the last version if I want to keep using Poweramp as my daily music player app.
  11. That is what I did, but it still shows me all the subfolders - this is pretty much unusable, since all my music is saved as "<Artist>/<Album>/Track.xxx" It is displayed like that: <Artist 1> <Album 1> <Album 2> <Artist 2> <Album 1> etc.
  12. I am using this App for about 6-7 years now, but at the moment I consider switching to another app... This udpate literally took away every reason to use it. The folder view has to be in hierarchic structure, or it is totally worthless! Furthermore, I am using the App on my Galaxy S7 in splitscreen mode in my car, with Google Maps on the other 2/3 of the screen. I don't think this will be possible with the new oversized UI. Really, right now Power Amp is barely usable for me.
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