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Big Library rescan issue


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I'd like to post about a strange behavior in rescanning files after updating a big library.

I have on my phone very big music library (≈37000 songs). I have issues when i update this library and want to update on Poweramp. If i move some folders on different places, and/or add new content, i have very hard time to scan this new items (while the older places still remains). I don't use automatic scan. Performing a regular rescan, a full rescan or deselecting/reselecting folders doesn't change a thing : The new files are not scanned and the older empty folder are not removed (but they are showed as empty). Also i noticed the rescan seems to work normally until it reaches 20000 files then stops every time. Is there a limit of 20000 files somewhere?

The only thing that works for me is to uninstall and reinstall the app and rescan the folders seperately by blocks < 20000 files (fortunately my library is splitted in two between internal storage and external storage), and finally reselect all my folders at once.


Poweramp Build 860. Android 10. Samsung Galaxy S10 Snapdargon G9750

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I have over 20,000 songs on my phone and use full rescan almost exclusively. Like you I've had many occasions where I've copied new music to my phone over a USB cable and the rescan will not pick them up. Sometimes the rescan will see the folder and give a song count, but if you drill into the album, there's no songs. When I have this problem I've found that restarting the phone will correct whatever the problem is and another rescan will pick up all changes I've made.

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